Creating an Inclusive Tour Experience for Visitors with Disabilities: A Guide for Tour Guides


As a tour guide, it is important to ensure that all tourists have a memorable vacation experience regardless of their abilities. For the tourist consisting of BULAG (visually impaired), PIPE (hearing impaired), and BINGI (mute), here are some activity suggestions:

  1. Tactile tours: For BULAG, a tactile tour can be organized where they can feel different textures and materials of historical and cultural sites. This can be accompanied by an audio description of the site.
  2. Sign language interpreter: A sign language interpreter can be arranged for PIPE to ensure that they can understand the historical and cultural significance of the sites visited.
  3. Written communication: For BINGI, written communication can be used to help them communicate with the tour guide and other tourists. This can be facilitated by providing a notepad and pen or using mobile devices to communicate.
  4. Hands-on experiences: For all tourists, hands-on experiences can be arranged, such as cooking classes or pottery making workshops, where they can participate actively and create something to take home.
  5. Interactive experiences: Interactive experiences such as street performances or cultural shows can also be arranged to engage all tourists and immerse them in the local culture.

Overall, the goal should be to create an inclusive experience for all tourists, regardless of their abilities, and ensure that they have a memorable vacation experience.

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